Del Boy Falls Through The Bar

The location is a sophisticated bistro. Well, it may look like a sticky-carpeted pub to the modern viewer but for the Eighties this was the height of sophistication. Del Boy (David Jason) and Trigger (Roger Lloyd-Pack) are dressed to impress. Del has swapped his trademark flatcap and leather jacket for a heavy green mac, and Trigger is in a sharp suit of shocking blue, looking about as comfortable as a mouse on a motorway. To their left sit two likely ladies sipping what looks like Blue Nun. Del Boy insists that they’re onto a winner and instructs Trigger to play it cool… Before disappearing through a bar hatch… Trigger turns back to speak to his partner in crime but he’s nowhere to be seen. He looks across the room, perplexed, as Del Boy picks himself up. Then Trigger turns back again to find an ego-dented Del Boy by his side. Is it black magic? The look on Trigger’s face suggests that it is.

This scene from a 1989 episode of Only Fools and Horses is one of the most famous in British TV history.


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